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As you can read from my previous posts, I love writing about food, especially Arabic food. There is nothing more delicious than a warm home-made Arabic dish. The family is all gathered around kitchen or dining room table, everyone says bismallah al-rahman al Rahim (In the name of God, the most gracious, most merciful) and then everyone just starts digging in and conversing about the current day events. Sorry, I guess I got off the subject and I'm actually hungry now. OK, so I want to tell everyone about the flavorful meal of Kabsa. What makes this meal rich in flavor is the fresh Saudi Arabian spices that are mixed into the basmati rice. A yellowish dye by the name of Tumeric is added to the rice to give it that strong yellow color. Slices of onions and an assortment of peppers ( red, green, yellow, orange) are also added to rice to give it the ultimate taste experience. Cloves of garlic are also added to the rice. The final key ingredient for this meal is chicken, of course. What Arabic meal is cooked without chicken? Very few. :) Pieces of roasted chicken are placed over the rice.

Kabsa can be cooked various ways depending on the middle eastern country you're in. Popular side dishes with Kabsa include yogurt and dakkous, a spicy tomato sauce. I prefer eating Kabsa with yogurt since the plain taste of yogurt compliments the spicy rich rice.

Country of Specialty:
Kabsa is considered the national meal of Saudi Arabia. Kabsa is also popular in countries of the United Arabic Emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qater). Thank you Saudi Arabia for introducing us to the wonderful meal of Kabsa. Happy Eating everyone. Seriously, I need to go eat something now.


  1. Arabic food is among the best foods there are, the combination of flavors and ingredients give an extraordinary flavor.

  2. Is that your mom's chicken roast featured at the top of the page? It looks delish!! Can you please post the recipe for that and also for Kabsa?

  3. Palestinians eat the kabse with chicken while the arab gulf eat it with lamb. I prefer the Palestinian version, especially when its served with delicious apple sallad and of course yoghurt. Its the best taste ever. Palestinians often use fruits in their food. Like they add squeezed orange juice on top of the hommos, pomegranade over the baba ghannouj, apple in sallad eaten with rice dishes etc and it tastes so good.

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