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Another popular Arabic dish is the healthy dish of Mlukhiyah. Mlukhiyah consists of a spinach like herb stew with rice. Of course, you can't serve Mlukhiyah without chicken, which is cooked in the spinach stew. Some people cook mlukhiyah with rabbit instead of chicken. The spinach-like herb used to prepare Mlukhiyah is only found in hot climates with abundant rain. This herb needs lots of moisture in order to grow. As mentioned, Mlukhiyeah is a healthy Arabic dish and it is actually known to reduce cholesterol.

Personal Mlukhiyah Experience:

I have a love-hate relationship with mlukhiyah. When I was between the ages of 5-7, I remember how much I loved mlukhiyah. I remember my grandma used to cook us the most delicious mlukhiya with rabbit. She really made me love mlukhiyah. As I got older, I just stopped liking mlukhiyah.I think I just got sick of it. Now, I will eat mlukhiyah if my mom or wife makes it but I would never ask for it. My wife on other hand, LOVES mlukhiyah. If she had the chance to make mlukhiyah everyday, she would.

Country of Specialty:

Mlukihyah is very popular in Egypt. Egyptians prefer to cook it with rabbit instead of chicken. People in the Sham (Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine) also enjoy cooking this Arabic dish.


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