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Mansaf is another arabic dish that is a favorite for Middle East households. I rate this meal as my second favorite arabic dish. Typically,like most arabic dishes, this meal's main ingredient is rice but it's the yogurt-like product called jameed (khishik) that makes this meal delicious. Lamb is another main ingredient for this dish as the chopped pieces of lamb are spread over the cooked rice. A layer of flatbread is included under the rice and drenched with the yogurt-like sauce. Almonds and parsley are spread over the lamb and rice and the yogurt-like sauce is poured over the large platter. Mansaf is usually served on special occasions such as weddings and large family gatherings.

Personal Mansaf Experience:

I remember when I was young boy growing up in Palestine, mansaf was always served during weddings and the women and men would gather around in an open area where numerous mansaf platters are being served. Everyone would just gather around to eat mansaf with their bare hands. I have to admit that mansaf tastes much better when you eat it with your hands because you get to really taste the meat and the sauce. When my cooks mansaf at home, I sometimes reminisce about this happy childhood moment.

Country of Specialty:

Mansaf is highly recognized as a Jordanian dish. Cities throughout Jordan prepare this meal differently by adding their own family touches to the meal. Mansaf is also very popular in Jordan's neighbor, Palestine.


  1. I love the Arabic food because it is one of the foods that use the species and the meats in a perfect form, I read that the Iraqi variant of mansaf is referred to as quzi.!!22dd

  2. It's not a jordanian dish, it's a bedouin dish eaten in palestine, syria and what became jordan after the british created that state on land belonging to the arabian peninsula to the east and syria-palestine to the west. It's not more common among bedouins in jordan than it is among bedouin communities living in the levant. Even city people and peasants eat this food in the levant. I don't know how it became known as "jordanian". It's a dish created by the bedouins who used to wander among the arab world, one month they would be in saudi arabia, the other in syria, and then egypt, lybia etc. They originate from the arab penninsula.

    1. WHY u hating on Jordanians for ??!!

    2. That goes for all the Arabic foods including Maqlooba, Mulukhia, and other dishes. All because of the British people who separated the Bedouin which Jordan, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon were all one country. I hate the people who did that!!

  3. you are right, fucking british should be killed like dogs.

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