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Musakhan is one of the rare Middle Eastern dishes that doesn't include rice. Musakhan consists of flat bread cooked in a traditional arabic oven (taboon). Onions are fried in a rich olive oil in a deep pan and the cooked onions are spread over the flat bread. Almonds and the popular spice of sumac are also spread over the flat bread. Finally, roasted chicken is placed over the flat bread. Musahkan is a traditional arabic food that can get quite messy as it is usually eaten without utensils. Although it can get messy, I do think it's a good kind of messy where your hands are filled with pieces of chicken, onions and olive oil. Just thinking about eating musakhan gets me hungry.

Country of Specialty:

Musakhan is highly recognized as a Palestinian meal. The city of Jenin is very well known for their delicious Musakhan dishes.